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Updated: Dec 21, 2022

The innovative BEWEI system was developed 18 years ago for the beauty and wellness area. The technology originally comes from the medical arthrosis therapy.

The BEWEI BODY application consists of a body analysis, radiofrequency treatment and a final mechanical lymphatic drainage.

The enjoyable relaxing treatment in our BEWEI Lounge in Hünenberg ensures a new vital body well-being and a beautiful firm skin texture. Signs of wear and tear such as joint-, muscle-, or other body pain as well as scars, stretch marks and pigment spots improve. As a positive "side effect", it reduces fat deposits and cellulite.

The treatment is painless and is performed clothed. It is suitable for both, men and women.

MY GIFT TO YOU, dear reader: This voucher is worth 149 CHF and is valid once for 2 BEWEI treatments for the price of one, optionally:

- 1 BEWEI BODY treatment and

1 BEWEI FACE treatment or

- 2 BEWEI BODY treatments or

- 2 BEWEI FACE treatments

Get in touch with me via or whatsapp 078 - 839 23 38.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Susanne Marbach


BEWEI Lounge Hünenberg

Chamerstrasse 42

6331 Hünenberg/ZG

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