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ThetaHealing Session

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Excerpt from a healing session with me:

"....Instead of asking yourself why this is happening to you, ask yourself, what does it want me to learn? What benefit am I getting from this situation/person?

You always have a choice how you react to a situation, always, remember this!

Do you want to dwell in the deeper levels of consciousness and lull yourself into fear, hatred, anger, envy, greed, victimhood, etc. or do you take the wheel and look at the situation from a higher perspective.

We have our perspective.

Other people have other points of view.

And there is a divine point of view.

The mind creates our dramas. But the soul wants to evolve and learn virtues. So take yourself out of the drama and put yourself in the bird's eye view. See yourself as a bird circling above the situation and look at it from a higher divine perspective.

We, our souls, have come to this earth to unfold. Nothing happens in our lives without a higher purpose. A difficult situation is either an invitation to evolve and grow, or it is trying to teach us something important.

A higher, divine perspective allows us to see the whole picture and this higher perspective will allow us to solve the real problem, the problem that relates to our soul purpose. "

Do you wish to have support in your personal transformation?

Book your healing session right now and contact me under or 078 - 839 23 38

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