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Healings in Zug

Thetahealing Sessions 

at Chamerstrasse 42, Hünenberg/ZG

ThetaHealing is a natural, profound, effective and fast-acting mental healing method. It heals the body, releases negative feelings and programs that affect our lives and changes blocking beliefs such as e.g. "I'm not lucky" or "I'm not good enough".

With ThetaHealingit is possible to intervene in all areas of life to heal and shape your life the way you want it to be. Beliefs are often the biggest blockages in our lives. If healing does not occur, a wish does not come true or you keep attracting the same situations, illnesses or people/partners, beliefs and deep inner convictions are usually the reason therefore.

ThetaHealing can support the healing of physical diseases of all kinds, i.e. genetic diseases. It is applicable to stress, anxiety, negative emotions, addictions, negative relationship patterns, self-sabotage and much more. 

In short, ThetaHealing can change limiting negative attitudes into positive ones, energy draining, self-sabotaging patterns can be released or transformed.


The ThetaHealing session will take place at Chamerstrasse 42 in Hünenberg/ZG.

A session lasts between 30 and 90 minutes - depending on the topic. The number of sessions is individual, depending on your wishes and personal development. The sessions will be in German language. For foreign language you must  bring a translator, who knows the subtleties of the language.


Free yourself from everything that no longer serves you and prevents you from living your life the way you want it to. Find joy, balance and easiness and book your individual session today.

More and more children and young people are coming to me for support on their way.


Theta Healing Sitzung Susanne Marbach mit Klientin in Zug
Susanne Marbach Theta Healing im Einklang mit der Naturmit Sonnenuntergang

"Free yourself from everything that no longer serves you and find joy and easiness in life"
Susanne Marbach Yoga & ThetaHealing Zug 

Theta Healing in Zug - Verbindung und Einklang mit allen Glaubensebenen
"What are the 4 levels of belief in ThetaHealing?"
Core level: in this life 
Genetic level: up to 7 generations back
Historical level: older than 7 generations back
Soul level: everything that a person is
Susanne Marbach ThetaHealing in Zug und Huenenberg

"What is faith work in a ThetaHealing session?"

Many people live much of their lives with hidden programs, such as not being able to be healthy or successful. Belief work gives people the ability to remove these negative programs to replace them with positive beneficial programs from the Creator of All That Is. Core beliefs are the deepest issues that lie hidden beneath all others. They are the core of the problem a person has. To find the core belief and also to find out what feelings a person is missing, we use the process we call "digging". We dig for the deepest key belief set, the basic belief set.

"What issues do people come to you with?"

  • overcome fears

  • resolve anger/grief

  • partnership problems

  • success blockades

  • regret and rejection

  • soul issues

  • matters of the heart

  • diseases and ailments

  • mobbing

  • bringing virtues into life

  • finding the meaning of life and much more!

  • I'm not only support adults but also children and young people on their way of life

Susanne Marbach mit ThetaHealing sein Leben verändern

"I would be happy to accompany & support you in your process. Sometimes, it takes courage to change,
but it's worth it!"

Susanne Marbach Yoga & Thetahealing Zug

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