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With yoga & awareness training your worries become less important

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Worry is part of life, but know that nothing is as bad as it seems at the moment. Everything will pass and often we only realize in retrospect what was positive about the situation. Don't let your worries stop you from getting back to live your life. Remember, the situation is just a situation that is not in harmony. Yes, it can be something bad, but if you give up now, the worry, fear and pain have won and taken over your life.

Yes, I could have worried too. I could have fallen into anger and powerlessness as others decided over my life for an extended period of time in March 2020. I was not allowed to teach yoga.

Every day, I told myself I had a choice, whether to fall into misery and wallow in my existential fears, see myself as a victim OR, whether to return to Creator Consciousness. I chose the latter and accepted the situation and CAREd for MYSELF! I cared about eating healthy food. I cared about getting enough fresh air. I cared about getting plenty of yoga exercise. I cared about my life and my personal development & transformation. I practiced yoga, intuition and consciousness training - all that I can pass on to my clients 1:1. I was and still I am, deeply trusting, that all will be well and that I will be taken care of. I have trust in life, in the earth, in my life. Primal trust is what you call it.

When you are fully present in your heart, your body and your life and can accept yourself as so much more than a human being, then you are safe and secure IN YOU. You can only find this safety and security IN YOU and never on the outside, be aware of this. And with this consciousness you are like a rock in the surf.

CARE ABOUT YOURSELF and YOUR FURTHER DEVELOPMENT and you will see, all destructive worries will lose importance or dissolve, BUT you have to CARE ABOUT YOURSELF.

Everything you send out, you attract again (law of resonance). My recommendation, send out light, love and goodwill and everything returns to you at least 700 times! Trust you, the universe, for you is also provided! Create the world from your inner fulfilled BEING. And in between, be cheeky, wild and wonderful!

You are the creator of your life, don't forget that!

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